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At Gladstone Primary Academy, we have developed our curriculum to link to future careers and employment. This is allowing our children to raise their aspirations, broaden their horizons, challenge stereotypes and give them opportunities to encounter employers and employees in a variety of experiences.

 During the 2019-2020 academic year, we have been fortunate to be part of a pilot scheme ‘Careers and Employability in Primary Schools. This has given us access to funding from the project and to set up links with local employers.

We have set up a calendar of events that have been planned to link fir careers and employability. These are just some of the activities that take place in school.

The scheme has allowed us as a school to make explicit links to the children’s future careers, showing children different education pathways and what qualifications may be needed for future careers.

Through class discussions, school trips and planned activities, we are providing our children the tools and experiences to  aspire to do what they believe in.


Click the PDF below for Careers and Employability Calendar of events for 2019 - 2020 

This will be updated as the year goes on

Partners they have worked with: