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Personal, Social and Health Education (inc. Relationships & Sex Education)

Personal, Social and Health Curriculum (including Relationships and Sex Education)

One of our main areas of focus in P.S.H.E is the Sandwell 'Healthy Mind, Happy Me' curriculum. This curriculum has six modules. These are:


Module 1: 'All about me' encourages pupils to reflect on their own uniqueness, while exploring how to label and express emotions in a healthy and safe way. Children are encouraged to think about their own character traits along with the traits of others.


Module 2: 'Friendships' encourages pupils to reflect on the characteristics and features of themselves and others that make them a 'good friend'. The module outlines a range of activities that will encourage pupils to explore and understand the differences between themselves and others, and how these unique characteristics make us special.


Module 3: 'Resilience and coping' aims to provide pupils with some of the skills and tools needed to be resilient and to cope with change. The module also introduces the concept of mindfulness as a strategy to use when upset or worried, and encourages pupils to identify how they can help others in times of need.


Module 4: 'Belonging' aims to allow pupils to understand the different networks the belong to i.e. their friends, family, school and wider community. This module also encourages pupils to recognise the importance of inclusion for all, not in spite of our differences but because of them.


Module 5: 'Being the best me I can be' provides pupils with practical interpersonal skills, alongside the emotional intelligence needed to recognise both their strengths and difficulties in their learning journey. The module will introduce pupils to the concept of characteristics, and use a creative activities to demonstrate the ways pupils highlight and learn said characteristics. 


Module 6: 'My wider world' will allow pupils not only to think about how they can help others in their community, but also to reflect on their own community and the support network that they have around them.