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Philosophy for Children

We introduced the Philosophy for Children (P4C) approach to our teaching and learning in 2019 and are proud to have achieved the Sapere P4C Bronze award in 2020. P4C helps children to become more creative thinkers and we do this by providing practical ways of developing good language skills, the ability to ask questions and think about topics. During weekly P4C sessions, children and their teacher share a focus, for example; a story, film clip and picture. They then take thinking time to think of their own questions and together the class chooses one question to discuss further. With experience, children’s questioning becomes more thoughtful. The approach not only helps to develop creative skills but also encourages children to care more about what others say. Often, P4C is linked to a particular topic area or curriculum subject, particularly in English, PSHE or RE. There is the opportunity to make links between friendship, disputes and fairness. If you are interested in finding out more about P4C, please go to: 