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Societas Trust

The Societas Trust is unique, it was originally founded as the result of the voluntary collaboration between the head teachers and governing boards of 5 primary schools / academies who shared a belief that the needs of children are best met when schools and teachers collaborate and cooperate and are able to maintain close links with the communities they serve.


Whilst it is crucial for us to support the development of the unique identity of each school in the partnership we also believe that by developing and promoting innovative and creative approaches to learning and teaching across the trust we will ensure that our children have the very best opportunities to excel academically and develop socially.


We believe that children learn best and thrive in environments that promote and foster self-belief, the love of learning and high expectations of themselves and others.


The 5 schools / academies that now comprise the Societas Trust are entering a very exciting new phase of their development and I would like to extend my very best wishes to all the pupils, teachers and parents for their future successes.


Gladstone Primary Academy are part of the Trust alongside, Ash Green Primary, Ellison Primary Academy, Goldenhill Primary and Summerbank Primary.


Please visit the Societas Trust website for information relating to trust matters and documents including; articles of association, scheme of delegation, trust governance structure, trust board terms of reference, trust register of interests, trust board attendance record, (this is in the annual report,) funding arrangements (master and supplemental) and the annual report including financial statements.