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Look at how the vegetables in our allotment are growing! :)

Science Week 13th March 2023! smiley


Signs of Spring. 

Take a photograph of a sign of Spring and send it to your class teacher via dojo. Think about what happens to our world during Spring time.


Science Homework

All children will be receiving a bean and a plastic cup so that you can plant it and watch it grow. You will need to think about what plants need to grow and stay healthy.


Science Ambassadors

Our Science Ambassadors will be on the KS1, Reception and Nursery yard all week. They have some exciting activities planned!


We hope you enjoy Science week at Gladstone! 

Mrs Annese and the Science Ambassadors


Year 4 - An Interview with Helen Sharmel - The First Ever British Female Astronaut in Space!

JCB Plant a Tree

Mr Wemyss presenting the ASE conference in Sheffield.



Mr Wemyss and Gary Vitty

Big Science Questions for the Spring Term 2023


1MP: Do all birds have feathers?

1SJ: Can all birds fly?

2CB: Do all bulbs grow into plants?

2CH: Do all bulbs grow into plants?

3GA: What does our skeleton do?

3SC: Do bones grow with age?

4LM: What state of matter is snow?

4MW: What are the different states of matter and what do they look like?

5VB and 5CW: Why aren't all fabrics waterproof?

6RE: How can you have twins that are not identical?

6KH: Why do different people have DNA?


Celebrating Fantastic Science work in School!

Spring Term  2022

Thank you for visiting the 'Science Page' at Gladstone Primary Academy. Over the next few weeks we will be adding more information about Science at Gladstone! Our Science Ambassadors have been working on the Key Stage Yard 1 and are loving sharing their experiments with the younger children. smiley

Mrs Annese and Mr Weymss



Have a go at answering our Big Science questions and send in a post-it with your ideas about the BIG questions!


Our BIG Science questions for this term:


Year 1: What do plants need to grow?

Year :2 How can we keep ourselves healthy?

Year 3: What fossils and rocks might we find around Stoke-on-Trent

Year 4: How does our stomach break down food?

5VB: Why is wool so expensive?

5KH: How are synthetic materials made?

Year 6: How has light and our knowledge of light changed over time?


Proud to be awarded the Primary Science Quality Mark 2019.

Science Week 2022

Science Club 2022

Miss Wells and Mr Wemyss run a Science Club for Year 4 children. The children get to meet lots of Scientists and follow up with some exciting experiments.

Photographs of our Science Experiment

Science Displays in School.